Thesis Article

The reasons Why Young adults Encounter Identity Crisis

Specifically 2nd Yr Students of College of Disciplines

And Sciences of New Age University

S. Y 2013-2014

Sam Geneveve A. Aguirre

Dr . Marissa R. Operario

New Time University


This exploration aimed to decide the Causes So why Teenagers Encounter Identity Crisis Particularly 2nd Year Registrants of College of Arts and Sciences of recent Era University.

My goal is to analyze the causes why people, especially teenagers like students, registrants of New Time University face identity catastrophe. Also to know how are they dealing with that and to find out if they are having a hard time coping with it. And if the people around them accept them for who they are.

Descriptive survey is going to be the research style of the study, together with the survey set of questions as the primary data from the study. The respondents happen to be 50 2nd year registrants of College of Arts and Sciences at the moment enrolled in educational year 2013 – 2014 of New Age University, selected through straightforward random sample. The suggest age of the group is usually 17.

Identification Crisis of Erik Erikson is going to be the analysis framework from the research.

The Causes Why Teenagers Encounter Personality Crisis

Specifically 2nd 12 months Students of College of Disciplines

and Sciences of New Time University

T. Y 2013-2014


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