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General Electric Company or perhaps also commonly known as GENERAL ELECTRIC is the biggest conglomerate in the us. GE has long been firm and strong having its industrial businesses. It offers diversified technology which is also a reliable financial services business. With its vast and different variety of items of; airplane engines, normal water processing, home appliances, electrical power generation, commercial products, business and consumer financing, GE is unquestionably a solid conglomerate. It really is present in much more than 100 countries all over the world. GE's segments happen to be Aviation, Strength Infrastructure, Transportation, Healthcare, GENERAL ELECTRIC Capital, and Home and Business Alternatives. However , GENERAL ELECTRIC streamlined their segments in Aviation, Healthcare, and Travel. Earlier this year, the business announced that they may sell it is remaining stake in NBC Universal to Comcast.

2. In 90, Thomas Alva Edison, creator of the lamp, established the Edison Standard Electric Company, which in turn later merged with a opponent to form the typical Electric Company.

2. In 1896, General Electric powered was one of the 12 corporations listed on the newly formed Dow Jones Industrial Average, and it's really the only first one which still presently there.

* Jeffrey Immelt, 52 years old, can be GE's current chairman and chief executive. Having been appointed in 2000 to replace Jack Welch.

* After retiring by GE, Welch, dubbed as " Neutron Jack" to get eliminating jobs at the business, wrote " Jack: From the Gut", a book that became an instant bestseller.

* GE, the second-largest U. S. company by market capitalization, uses about 327, 000 persons and operates in more than 75 countries.

2. GE provides six organization segments: GE Commercial Financial, GE Health care, GE Commercial, GE System, GE Funds and NBC Universal.

5. In 2004 GE bought Vivendi's television set and film assets, getting the third-largest media conglomerate in the world. In the same year it accomplished the spinoff of most of its mortgage and a life insurance policy assets in an independent organization, Genworth Financial, based in Richmond, Virginia.

* GE was the fourth most recognized brand in the world, worth nearly $49 billion, in 2007 and capped such brands as Nokia, McDonald's and Citi, according to a study by BusinessWeek magazine.

2. Katharine Burr Blodgett, the first female scientist to participate GE Study laboratory, developed non-reflecting, invisible glass in 1939. (Sources: Company Internet site, Reuters stories, BusinessWeek, Hoovers. com)

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1 . We're genuinely into wind flow: We're the #1 maker of wind turbines in the United States using more than 10, 500 wind turbines installed globally. 2 . In 08, GE filed over 2, 500 patents worldwide.

several. Every day, GE Evolution locomotives save so much fuel really like choosing 43, 000 cars off U. T. roads. some. Aircraft motors from GE and its companions carry 3. 5 million commercial individuals every day. five. Hulu, the web video partnership of NBC Universal and Fox, is part of a great evil story by entering aliens to help you watch more TV. Really. 6. I was founded by simply Thomas Edison, and this individual once stated: " I'd put my own money within the sun and solar energy. Exactly what a university source of electric power! I hope all of us don't have to hold out ‘til oil and fossil fuel run out just before we deal with that. ” 7. GENERAL ELECTRIC built the biggest desalination plant in Africa, providing fresh water to as much as 2 , 000, 000 residents of Algiers. 8. When Richard Branson's Virgin mobile Atlantic applied jet biofuel for the first time ever in-flight, GE was generally there. Our CF6 engine employed a biofuel based on coconut and babassu oil. on the lookout for. Just one GE Energy 1 . 5MW wind generator can electrical power 500 U. S. homes. 10. GENERAL ELECTRIC Energy Finance invests in 30, 000 a long way of gas pipelines in North America. 10. Every day, GENERAL ELECTRIC Healthcare technology will help doctors save nearly 3, 500 lives. 12. GE Protection secures the Eiffel Tower system and the Statue of Liberty. 13. GENERAL ELECTRIC power era equipment provides an impressive quarter from the world's electricity...

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