Blood Doping: Is It Rational and Honest?

 Blood Doping: Is It Realistic and Honest? Essay

Edward Goldschmidt

Comp. 1112

Prof. Flocco


Blood Doping: Is it Logical and Honest?

You're inside the big contest and your competitor who you might have been neck of the guitar and neck with all season long somehow beats you by much more than usual. You ran among the finest races of your life and he somehow conquer you and you don't know how. Successful that race would have gotten a lot of opportunities from big educational institutions and instead of looking at you they're searching instead, at the rival. Just how would you feel if you after learned the main reason he was able to beat you was only because he started blood doping? Today imagine this kind of happening with the professional level every day. Bloodstream doping is usually unethical, unfair, unsafe, and wishes to be governed and removed completely from professional athletics and pastime use.

" Blood doping” is comparable to the administration of anabolic steroids and other drugs with the hope of bettering athletic functionality. Anabolic steroids have been completely considered underhanded and have been suspended from use in sports and blood doping, as it should certainly, is suspended as well. The athletes will be placing themselves at risk for serious problems without medical benefit. Certainly there is the concept that they will whatever it takes to get, but could it be worth it? Kathleen Sharp, in her article " A Drug to Quicken blood, ” stocks and shares the problems to EPO explaining, " Too many blood can turn the blood to sludge and make the cardiovascular system work overtime. The medication raised the potential risks of cerebral vascular accidents, blood clots, and cardiovascular attacks. Even worse was that EPO could potentially multiply cancer cells” (Sharp). EPO has numerous health risks and these athletes just ignore them mainly because their desired goals are more focused on winning rather than their long-term health. There are numerous other players out there, who haven't confessed to this, but are currently taking EPO with no public's understanding and some with the reason could be that they are currently taking it just to keep up with others. Picture this scenario: A single athlete starts doping...

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