Buiscuit Industry In India

Biscuit Industry in India


Biscuits have been a favorite inside our snacks menu. They fall in the category of essential buyer goods. Having a total yield of 8000 Cr., India is considered since the third major biscuit developing country worldwide after ALL OF US and Chinese suppliers. An industry categorized into prepared and unorganized sectors -- 65% income from organized and 35% revenues from your unorganized sector. Around 90% of the inhabitants consume cookies. The consumption of biscuits in India is more than the imports. India happens to be one of many prime exporters of cookies also. A market which looks forward to 85% penetration in Urban and 54% penetration in rural areas has in the end made it as the largest of most the food industry in India revenue smart. It also is actually the largest job generator of all food sectors in India employing around 4 lakhs people both equally directly and indirectly. Today, biscuits contribute to approximately 33% of total bakery development. Also, 79% of biscuits are created by bakery industry's small scale sector in the country. History

In the late 1900s, when the urbanized society required readymade food products as a feasible expense, Indian biscuit industry started gaining sound status in the bakery industry. Biscuits were regarded a sick-man's diet in past times.

Biscuit - Best suited intended for local development.

This reality has made India a bigВ biscuit center. Cookie Industry provides flourished in India significantly over the years and is still growing phenomenally. Since 2013, the best 4 players of the cookie manufacturing market are: Britannia




This report includes information about the marketplace structure of the biscuit sector in India covering the demand-side effects and supply-side effects. Along with this, the report talks about the various competition and their approaches as well as the current trends and regulations associated with it. Industry Structure

The Indian Biscuit industry comes with an Oligopolistic marketplace structure supplying differentiated product to the customers. An Oligopoly is a market structure in which the market is shared between a few sellers i. e. it is very concentrated. Although a few businesses dominate, it is also possible for many smaller sized firms to control in the same market. The presence of few sellers in the market causes it to be difficult achievable firms to enter into the market. There are large barriers to entry in the biscuit sector because of enormous capital investment and financial systems of range. In cookie market, cost and result decisions are indeterminate because prices fixed by one particular firm depend on those fixed by the other folks. Parle-G and Britannia happen to be price setters in the cookie industry. Demand-Supply Analysis


DD Curve

There is always demand for biscuits. Biscuits fall under necessary consumer products category. Buyers tend to acquire essential products irrespective of the difference in their rates. Therefore , even if the price of biscuit is usually increased, the necessity remains inelastic. The law of demand is usually not relevant for vital goods like biscuits. Selling price




Selling price

We can see the fact that Supply Contour for the Biscuit market follows what the law states of source. SS Competition



Annual Development (2003-04 to 2012-13)

Gross annual Growth

Source: - Of india Biscuit Suppliers Association (IBMA)

Interpretation: As the growth price has been reducing during previous 4 years, itВ picked up momentum throughout the 2008-09 mainly on account of exemption from Central Excise Obligation on cookies with MRP up to Rs. 100/per kg, as per Of india Union Price range (2007-08). Yet , growth further declined from 2009-10 to 2011-12 plus the first 50 % of 2012-13. Business

Market Share (Sector-Wise)

Organized Sector – 65%

Unorganized Sector – 35%

Market Share Transmission (Population-Wise)

Downtown – 85%-75%

Rural – 65%-55%

Business (Region-Wise)

North Zone – 25%

To the south Zone – 24%

Western Zone – 23%

East Zone – 28%

Business data pertaining to Indian cookie industry...

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