Refuge Childcare Level 2 Device 1 Task

CACHE Level 2 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Child Care and Education

Question one particular


An example of a statutory provision for children below 5 years is a nursery. A setting helps children learn to talk, reach a particular level of independency and helps your children understand the stuff e. g. numbers, colors, fruits, family pets etc . It also allows kids to learn new pleasures in a fun environment and at their own speed. A nursery helps to receive children in a routine of a classroom. Nurseries often have chosen times several activities helping the children the patience for sitting continue to and listening in a group.

An example of a statutory provision for children of 5-7 years would be a DOCTOR. A DOCTOR does regular checks to guarantee the child can be well and healthy. When you visit the GP the doctor could examine your child to make sure everything is how it should be, such as: the children's weight, height, whether the kid is nourishing properly, guarantee the child is usually making great progress and so forth


A personal provision for children under 5 years will be a playgroup. A playgroup is very different to a nursery nevertheless they still have all their similarities. A nursery has to educate while a playgroup provides a social group, doesn't always have a stringent structure and in addition doesn't have a curriculum to follow.

A private dotacion for children aged 5-7 years would be following school golf clubs. The children can usually benefit from after college clubs as a result of range of activities/services they can provide such as; many sporting activities, a safe environment, the opportunity to learn about their particular interests and also to build on all their social abilities.

Issue 2:


A midwife is known as a highly skilled, qualified professional who have provides suggestions and care for expectant mothers. A midwife organises and carries out tests and scans throughout the pregnancy to evaluate mother and baby will be healthy. Your woman offers suggestions and support for the mother - to the two her body and her feelings. In the onset of labour the midwife is present to support and guide the course of the birth itself, coming from helping the mother through her contractions to delivering the baby. Once the baby has become born, the midwife will help the new mom to adjust. The midwife can advise and assist with her experiences of knowledge. Further support and direction is presented to the mother by the midwife while the lady recovers from birth.

Question a few:


There are many techniques on how to continue to keep information secure. The two most effective ways are; to use a filing program if details is only on paper. The papers should be kept in a locked filing cupboard or cabinet with a essential that only employees can use. If perhaps any information is definitely stored electronically then it should always be password shielded with a excessive security password and which will be known by simply authorised personal. The most basic method is for personnel and families to not chat outside the environment about whatever from their personal information or perhaps information about the environment.


Every child has distinct needs whether it's a handicap or a medical issue you can that probability of a child getting slightly different in a manner that they may need to know more help or perhaps assistance. For example; if a child is HIV positive not any body needs to know these details. If they require medical help the first guider must always put on gloves regardless of what has occurred. If the staff, children or perhaps family realized a child was HIV great they may take action different toward that kid which is extremely unfair. Everyone should be cared for the same whatever their state may be.


There are many types of when you will need to refer information about children and families to a professional within your setting. Two examples of common scenarios are; •If you see an unusual indicate on a kid's body or perhaps if they mention something on their own conform. In many cases, any kind of unusual mark has a sensible explanation such as; the child was running around their house, fell and bumped all their...

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