Gift of Magi

 Essay about Gift of Magi

The Present of the Magi

Valery Taylor

ENG a hundred and twenty-five

Prof. Matt Norsworthy

The spring 30, 2012

The Present of Magi

In this brief story, The Gift of Magi, U. Henry focuses mainly on a single most important idea which is selfless love. With this writing, whose title can be an occult meaning to the surprise of the three wise men to Jesus when he was developed, the article writer clearly shows the value of personal affection and the true meaning of giving gifts. In short, the main idea is that the greatest gift is the fact which is most sincere and comes from the underside of the heart instead of an extravagant, lavish possession that will bring not the warmth with the human romance. In this daily news, I will give attention to symbolism which is " something that has a textual identity, nevertheless also stands for something else---something that is generally understood and has been developed over a very long period of time or perhaps by prevalent agreement”(Clugston, 2010)., and Satrical Tone " creating a discrepancy or contradiction between precisely what is expected to happen in a tale and what actually happens”(Clugston, 2010). In addition , I will identify how these ingredients contributes to the overall theme of The Gift of Magi, which is selfless like.

Inside the story, the gifts the two adoring spouses give each other turn into symbols in the selfless like that they truly feel for each different. The author commences the story with Della wishing to get a Xmas gift on her husband, which has been a platinum eagle fob chain to go with his precious enjoy, but due to their financial circumstances your woman could not find the money for to buy him the present, therefore the lady decide to lower her hair, which is her most listed possession. Mcdougal goes on to illustrate the emotional anguish Della experience while she see her reflection between the boat dock glass inside the window, he states " Suddenly the lady whirled through the window and stood prior to glass. Her eyes had been shining remarkably, but her face acquired lost the color within twenty mere seconds. Rapidly she pulled straight down her curly hair and let this fall to its complete...

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