Educational outline about panic attacks

п»їPanic Episodes

(Sample complete outline from The Art of Public Speaking, 9th ed., simply by Stephen Lucas)

General Purpose: To Inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my own audience about panic attacks

Central Idea: Today I would like to inform you regarding the nature of panic attacks, the people affected most often by simply them, and the options for treatment.


I.[Get Attention] I actually can't breathe, my biceps and triceps are tingling, I'm seriously dizzy, and it feels like my heart is about to fly out of my own chest. 2.[Reveal Topic] Once this occurred to me three years ago at an outdoor live show, I was really frightened.

A. At the time, I had developed no idea what was going on.

N. My doctor told me after that I had experienced a panic attack. III.[State Credibility] I have learned a lot regarding my condition during the past 36 months, and I would additional exploration for this presentation. IV.[Thesis Statement] Today I want to inform you about the nature of panic attacks, the individuals affected most often by all of them, and the alternatives for treatment.

(Transition: Let's focus on the nature of panic attacks. )


I. Anxiety and panic attacks are a serious medical condition having a number of mental and physical symptoms.

A. As described by the Nationwide Institute of Mental Overall health, panic attacks entail " unforeseen and repeated episodes of intense dread accompanied by physical symptoms. ”

1 . The attacks typically appear out of nowhere and strike the moment least predicted.

2 . All their length may vary from a few minutes to several hours.

B. There are numerous of symptoms common to many panic attacks.

1 . Physical symptoms include a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, and numbness or perhaps tingling feelings in the arms and legs.

2 . Mental symptoms consist of acute dread, a sense of devastation or helplessness, and a sensation of being separate from a person's own body.

(Transition: Now that you know something about the nature of anxiety attacks, let's check out how widespread they are. )

II. Panic and anxiety attacks affect huge numbers of people.

A. Based on the American Psychiatric Association, 2 . 5 mil Americans suffer from panic attacks.

B. Some organizations have a greater incidence of panic attacks than do additional groups.

1 ) The National Institute of Mental Well being reports that panic attacks reach women twice as often as men.

2 . 50 percent the people who suffer from panic attacks develop symptoms before the age of 24.

(Transition: Presented the severity of panic attacks, I'm sure you are wondering how they can be cared for. )

III. There are two major options for treating panic attacks.

A. One choice is medication.

1 . Antidepressants are the most frequently prescribed medication for panic attacks.

2 . They piece together the brain's chemical amounts so as to get reduce unwanted fear responses.

B. Another option is usually cognitive-behavioral therapy.

1 . This kind of therapy requires techniques that help people with panic attacks gain control of their symptoms and feelings.

a. Some approaches involve inhaling and exhaling exercises.

n. Other tactics target although patterns that could trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

2 . In respect to Doctor David Carbonell, author with the Panic Attacks Workbook, cognitive-behavioral therapy can be successful.


(Transition: In conclusion…)

I. As seen, panic attacks affect thousands of people. II. Luckily, there are treatment plans to help stop panic attacks and deal with all of them when they happen. III. In my case, the combination of medicine and cognitive-behavioral therapy has become extremely useful. IV. I don't know if I will ever become completely free of panic attacks, although at least I understand so what now they are and what I can easily do info.

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