Latin America Lit up.

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Latin America

Literatures of Latin America

-- consists of theВ oralВ andВ writtenВ literatureВ ofВ Latin AmericaВ in severalВ languages, specifically inВ Spanish, В Portuguese, andВ indigenous different languages of the Americas - include HIGH TRADITIONS (literature and high arts) and WELL-KNOWN CULTURE (folk, music and dances) and religion and also other customary procedures.

Factors that influence the tradition of Latina America

* Pre Columbian Culture-

Oral Literature

* Western european Colonial Culture-

European traditions influence is particularly marked in so called EXCESSIVE CULTURE. 2. 19TH AND 20TH century immigration

5. Chinese, Korean language and Japanese immigration


* Ameridians

* Whites

2. Blacks

Rigorous race mixing;

* Europians + Ameridians = mestizos

* Europians + rejeton = mullatoes

* Blacks + Ameridians = Zambos


5. Spanish – predominant language in Latin America

* Portugese

2. French


* Both roman Catholic


Pre-Columbian literatureВ

5. Pre-Columbian nationalities were mainly oral, although Aztecs and Mayans, for instance, produced elaborate codices * a tradition of oral narrative survives to this day, as an example among the Quechua-speaking population of Peru plus the Quiché of Guatemala.

Colonial literatureВ

2. From the extremely moment once Europeans encountered the New Globe, early people andВ conquistadoresВ produced drafted accounts andВ crГіnicasВ of their knowledge, such asВ Columbus's letters orВ Bernal DГ­az de Castillo's description of the cure of Mexico.

*. Towards end with the 18th 100 years and the beginning of the 19th, a distinctiveВ criolloВ literary tradition emerged, such as first works of fiction such asВ JosГ© JoaquГ­nFernГЎndez sobre Lizardi'sВ El PeriquilloSarnientoВ (1816). The " libertadores" themselves were also often distinguished writers, such asВ SimГіn BolГ­varВ andВ AndrГ©s Bello

Nineteenth-century literatureВ

* foundational...

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