Monster: Literary Technique and Major Characters



Reading Log by: Jayson Olivares

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By simply: Walter Dean Myers

Simply by: Walter Leader Myers

Jayson Olivares English 9 (H)

10/20/12 Period: a couple of

1 . Name of the publication: The title from the book can be Monster.

2 . Author's name: The writer of the book is Walt Dean Myers. 3. 12 months the piece was drafted: Monster was written it happened in 1999 and released by HarperCollins. 4. Key Characters: The major characters of the story will be; Steve Harmon, Kathy O'Brien, and Sandra Petrocelli. 5. Setting(s) of the story: The two settings happen to be: The Detention Center and the Courthouse. Both of these settings are in downtown New York, and events and ideas from setting copy to the additional. 6. Positive/Negative: In List, Sandra Petrocelli is considered or perhaps portrayed while negative due to her reasoning and her actions. One example of the negativity of Petrocelli is on-page 21 when she refers to both Charlie Harmon and James King as " monsters”. One other way she is described as adverse is throughout the many people she produces in the stand. She attempts to relate the currently convicted felons with the innocent-until-proven-guilty James Ruler and Dorrie Harmon. 7. Literary Methods:

1 . 1 literary technique used in Monster is foreshadowing. When Steve says that prison is " becoming alone while you are not really only and about getting scared each of the time” at the beginning of the story (page 4), that foreshadows the horrible emotional state he can live through both during the trial and even after is actually over. 2 . Another fictional technique is significance, also initially of the book (page 7). Steve uses the blanket to symbolize comfortableness...


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