Mother Teresa

 Mother Teresa Essay

twenty sixth August 1910 – 5th September 97

By: Christina Donnelly

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Mother Teresa's background

At first named Agnes, Mother Teresa was born upon August 27, 1910 in Skopje (present day Macedonia). Agnes's friends and family were Albanian Catholic and they belong to the Albanian community. Her father, Kole was a businessman who owned a building business and foodstuff shop. He travelled extensively, was a multi-lainualist and participated considerably in politics. Agnes's daddy taught her first lessons of charity. Totally unpredicted, her dad died when she was nine. Her mother was required to raise Agnes and her two bros. To meet their needs, she fasten dresses, produced embroidery and worked hard. Apart from all this, she manufactured time for the training of her children. they prayed every evening, went to church every day in-may and assisted the assistance for Jane. A great and warm focus went also to the poor and clingy who emerged knock on the door. Agnes liked to be in chapel, read, hope and sing, She laundered alcoholistic women in the area and provided them twice a day and took care of a widow and her children. Agnes studied well, was once a voz in apaiser and played the mandolin. Mother Teresa's Vocation

In the early age of twelve, Agnes knew the lady wished to become a nun. Mary hoped that becoming a hier would business lead her into a life like that described in the wonderful stories told of missionaries and saints in her community parish. The girl left home to follow her dreams, not to see her mother again. At age doze is when Agnes begun to believe that God was phoning her to become a nun. This is how she started out looking into being a nun and what it could involve. Agnes did many things like examine books and talk to her mother and parish clergyman, which...

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