NETW360 W5 iLab Report Matthews

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Introduce the objective and goal(s) for the report.



Any kind of overlapping stations in Capture1. wsr?

Wireless LAN

your five

What funnel to use when installing a new wifi LAN coming from Capture1. wsr Activity


Identify the channels getting used in Capture2. wsr.

Most Active Route


Determine the most effective channel in Capture2. wsr.

Type of Transmission


Identify the type of transmission being displayed in Capture3. wsr.



Identify the regularity, not funnel, being used in Capture3. wsr. Type and Strength of Signal


Determine the type and strength of signal being shown in Capture4. wsr. Conclusion


Minimum two paragraphs that summarizes your learning and concludes your accomplishments in the lab Total


A quality paper can meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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Week a few iLab Survey

Ben Matthews

DeVry University

NETW360: Cellular Technologies and Services

Watching the Wifi Spectrum

Published to:

Professor: Mario Kosseifi

Date: 11/30/14

Observing the Wireless Spectrum


Rules: It's always better to introduce a paper towards the reader. It sets the tone and supplies an overview of what will be covered and what the desired goals are. Precisely what is the purpose of the research laboratory? What issues are addressed? Why is it important? What are the goals?

The intent of the lab can be familiarize yourself with a spectrum analyzer, how this functions, and just how it can benefit you in creating and maintenance wireless marketing communications. In the world of THIS, technology is moving toward wireless communications more and more every single day. It will be more critical for us IT professionals to know wifi communications and what could affect it. Particular questions by iLab

Suggestions: Answer each of the following queries using the sequence and info from the laboratory instructions. Solution all questions fully college-level content and paragraphs.

1 . Get 1: Are any channels being used that overlap different channels?

Reading the analyzer, I would have an educated imagine and declare channels 4 and eight are overlapping with route 6

2 . Capture one particular: If you were required to install a new wireless LAN, what route would you employ?

I would employ channel eleven because it appears to be, to me, there exists very little traffic jam. Even though there are other stations to use just like Channel one particular, I even now feel like the congestion is less on Route 11.

3. Capture two: What stations are being used?

It looks like channels one particular, 2, 12, and 11 have the most usage going on.

4. Get 2: What channel has been used the most?

Channel eleven is being used the most.

five. Capture three or more: What type of signal is being displayed?

A HyperX RFID reader signal has been shown in Capture a few.

6. Record 3: What frequency, certainly not channel, is being used?

The frequency that is being used is definitely 2450 MHz.

7. Catch 4: What kind of signal is being shown and just how strong in dBms can it be?

802. 10 g and n are very similar, yet my answer would be the 802. 11 g signal is being shown. The dB power would be right around -65 die bahn.



Minimum of two paragraphs that describe the next: What you accomplished in the lab, what you learned from performing it, how it relates to this week's TCOs and course material, your feelings it will advantage you in your academic and professional career. This spectrum analyzer lab helped me tremendously in figuring out what channels are the the majority of congested and what programs to use that will most advantage my cellular communications. My spouse and i also discovered...

References: Rules

Include most references utilized to complete this iLab. This kind of must be in APA format.

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