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For anyone who is experiencing problems with online task applications, you should contact jobs. [email protected] org. NATIONAL CONSULTANT TO EVALUATE WIDE OPEN HOUSE TIME AND SUPPORT DELIVERY CENTERS AT THANAS AND DEVELOP ACTION PROGRAMS FOR OPEN HOUSE DAY AND SERVICES DELIVERY CENTERS. Location: Dhaka, BANGLADESH

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Version Thana, Service Delivery Center and Open up House Working day

The Bangladesh Police Reform Program (PRP) commenced in 2005 while using aim of increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability from the police, therefore making Bangladesh safer and more secure for citizens and visitors likewise. The program was created to improve police-community engagement and create an environment that encourages prevention of crime and equitable use of justice, particularly in relation to women, girls and poor and vulnerable organizations. Problems resolved by this program relate generally to the customer unfriendliness of the police ‘system' and the difficulties people encounter in looking to access policing services.

The Programme provides a specific give attention to the poor and disadvantaged, ladies and children, and delivering tangible results at the Thana (police station) level. The Thanas are the parts of delivery of almost all police services at local level. Model Thanas (MTs) have already been established in metropolitan and rural areas to demonstrate how Thana law enforcement officials can benefit the community and ensure the requirements and objectives are met. These thanas are dedicated to deliver pro-people policing service within their engagements with the local community. To identify local demands Police-community assessment has been done to engage while using community in policing through various interventions. Service Delivery Centers have already been established in all of the these Thanas and Wide open House Days are prepared regularly by thana level and in various occasions in presence of senior police officers from Area Police Business office.

Efforts have been completely taken by Bangladesh Police and Police Change Programme to further improve the existing support delivery of these Model Thanas. Training courses about crime elimination, crime picture protection consciousness and gender sensitizations will be being organized to get the personnel of Version Thanas. Necessary equipment, cars and home furniture have been provided for the powerful operation of such Thanas.

These kinds of initiatives have already been taken to show what a regional police station should seem like, what the fundamental requirements of the police stations are and what companies should they offer to the group, mainly the ladies, children and vulnerable community of the culture. At this point of your energy the service delivery centers and the available house time have become the vital components of a Thana, not simply...

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