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 Chapter you Essay

Phase 01

The organization and Its Stakeholders

True as well as False Inquiries

1 . Basic Motors have been called a " template for 21st century capitalism. " The case False

installment payments on your A business can be any organization that is engaged in making an item or offering a service and make a profit. True Phony

3. Businesses and contemporary society are self-employed of one one more.

Accurate False

four. The stakeholder theory with the firm argues that a firm's sole goal is to produce value because of its shareholders. Authentic False

5. The instrumental argument for the stakeholder theory of the firm says that firms perform better if that they consider the rights and concerns of multiple teams in society. True Bogus

6. The normative argument for the stakeholder theory of the company says that the stakeholder perspective is simply a even more realistic explanation of how companies really operate. True False

7. non-market stakeholders will be those that take part in economic transactions with the company as it does its main purpose of providing society with goods and services. True False

8. Market stakeholders include non-governmental organizations as well as the media. Authentic False

9. Each stakeholder group provides only one way to obtain power pertaining to a firm. The case False

10. The interests of different stakeholders often match. True Bogus

11. Stakeholders involved with 1 part of an organization often may have no or no participation with another part of the business. True False

12. A few scholars possess suggested that managers spend the most attention to stakeholders owning the least salience. True False

13. Desperation refers to the extent that a stakeholder's actions are noticed as correct or ideal by the wider society. Accurate False

13. A stakeholder map can be described as useful tool, because it enables managers to see quickly how stakeholders feel about a concern and whether salient stakeholder tend to maintain favor or opposed. The case False

12-15. The exterior environment of business is usually static.

True Fake

Multiple Choice Questions

sixteen. Which statement is certainly not correct regarding the business-society interdependence? A. Business is a part of world.

B. Business is separated from the associated with society simply by clear limitations. C. Organization activities impact other activities in society.

G. Actions by governments almost never significantly impact business.

17. Which in turn of the subsequent examples finest illustrates the boundary exchanges a company would encounter based on the general systems theory? A. An industrial company installations new tools in its plant to conform to environmental regulations. B. An application company develops an application for any client.

C. A purchasing department worker negotiates a cost on parts from a supplier. Deb. All of the over.

18. Which will of the pursuing is the response to an amigo relationship between business and society? A. All organization decisions include a cultural impact.

N. The vitality of organization depends on society's actions and attitudes. C. The your survival of organization is self-employed of world.

D. The two A and B, although not C.

nineteen. Which in the following transactions is not true about the interactive cultural system? A. Business and society need, as well as affect, each other. M. The boundary between business and culture is clear and distinct. C. Business is a part of contemporary society, and society penetrates far and often in to the business. M. Business and society are both separate and connected.

20. A firm subscribing to the ownership theory in the firm will mainly be worried with offering value for its: A. Investors.

B. Customers.

C. Table of Administrators.

D. Community.

21. Corporations who run their particular operations based on the stakeholder theory of the firm create benefit by: A. Innovating new products.

B. Raising their stock price.

C. Developing their very own employees' professional skills.

D. All of the over.

22. Which argument says that stakeholder...

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