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English 161

1 Apr 2013


How do gay and lesbian parents interaction with rearing their children impact their child's academic achievements?

Mike is an awesome guy. He's very glowing and an excellent baseball person. He's just like any other seventeen year old boy in high school, yet My spouse and i rarely observe him. In reality I hardly ever see his whole family for the simple fact that my uncle provides a male spouse. Recently over the past years I was able to see Sam. Sam was used when he was four years old and this individual has were living with gay and lesbian parents his whole life. He has been very active in high school joining many golf equipment and scholastically he has done very well. According to Charlotte now Patterson's article Children of Gay and Lesbian Parents, " There was little distinctions between young adults living with homosexual parents and people living with other-sex parents" (242). Sam had similar experiences as me personally whether it is lady relationship problems or worrying about sports activities. Children with same love-making parents are simply no different from children with reverse sex father and mother. They have the same situations of your life, in particular, academically they are really no distinct as well. They will perform very well in school in fact children with same sex parents possess similar rate of children becoming held back a grade when compared with opposite gender parents (Gorlick, Standford Report). Although they might appear no different from other youngsters growing up, beneath the surface area a majority of kids work harder than children with opposite male or female parents. They will withstand the social injustice brought by pupils and school, yet they will perform like the other college students. Although kids with same sex father and mother perform academically similar to the different students; they endure the social discrimination and function harder to own same educational success different children accomplish.

My thesis, but through my resources I was capable of finding evidence to get my thesis. That children who have same gender mother and father are academically just like other kids, but...

Bibliography: Journals

Gorlick, Adam. " Standford Media. " Children Raised simply by Gay Couples Show Great Progress through School (2010): n. pag. Web..

This article evaluated the similarities students with gay father and mother perform when compared to students with straight father and mother. It points out that the big difference is very refined and in actuality there is no big difference. Students with gay parents perform or perhaps lack overall performance similarly with students with straight parents. This article was from Standford University and was trusted. It provided great support for my thesis, because on the area children with gay mother and father are similar to kids with direct parents. This information explains obviously that they always seem similar, but in reality they are withstanding much elegance.

Patterson, Charlotte T. " Children of Saphic girls and Gay and lesbian Parents. " Current Guidelines in Psychology 15. your five (2006): 241-44. Print.

This article talks about the emotional experiences children go through by being raised by simply same gender parents. It discusses the issues children manage and the actual experience at school because of their parents. The article identifies that many people think that kids go through a whole lot of psychological distress, however in actuality each goes through the same experiences children with opposing gender partnerships go through. Here is info from the School of Va and is a dependable source. It helped tremendously with obtaining information in what children with gay father and mother experience when compared to children with straight father and mother.


This article examines the effect same sex marriage effects children scholastically compared to kids with reverse gender relationships. The article discusses the sociable discrimination children have to deal with because of the parents. Whilst they seem a lot like any other kid, they go through many difficult situations due to their parents. The content explains the struggle kids go through to achieve the same academic achievements compared to other kids that have opposing gender parents. This diary was via Brigham small University Education and law Journal which is a reliable supply. The journal helped considerably in finding info to back again my thesis that kids with same gender mother and father are struggling with elegance, even though they seem similar to other children on the area.


Socha, Thomas M., and Glen H. Stamps. Parents and Children Conntacting Society: Managing Relationships away from Home. Nyc: Routledge, 2009. Print.

This book described the interpersonal mistreatment kids with gay parents received from contemporary society. Multiple narratives of different children talked about their social mistreatment from friends and how it affected these people. The book examines how children take care of their thoughts and how they cope with all their social elegance. It also identifies how this affects the partnership between father and mother and their kids. The publication was a extremely reliable resource and it helped me with my thesis tremendously. This helped support my idea that children with same gender parents continue to go through issues that in the end affect them in multiple ways such as academically.

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