Marketing Blend Shampoo


BaWang Man's Anit-hair Fall Hair shampoo


The BaWang Male's Anti-hair Fall season Shampoo combines ancient China wisdom with modern pharmacology and biotechnology to bring ideal hair care leads to consumers. And this is effective to prevent the hair show up problem.

Industry Segmentation

1 . Demographic segmentation

Age: Over 30 years old

Male or female: Male

Cash flow: Middle salary level

Competition: Chinese???

2 . Psychographic segmentation - Way of life

The people who have trust Chinese herbs a lot more than western medication and staying away from chemical products.

3. Behavioral segmentation - Benefit

The purchasers can stop hair fall following used this shampoo. They will have better confidence and better photo since he would not suffer from hair fall issue.

Consider personal health

Goal customer

Three decades old men, who also are midsection income level, preventing hair loss problem.

Consumer Status: Potential users, frequent users


1 . Item

I am going to talk about the product of promoting mix for people shampoos. Method plays a principle tasks in advertising mix. Now, I would like to elaborate by levels of item and merchandise classification.

Initial, I want to discuss the BAWANG Man's Anit-hair Fall Shampoo or conditioner. The main benefit of the shampoo would be that the customers can easily prevent hair loss problems once they use.

Some of the product of the shampoo: The outlook from the package is usually black and golden, which can provide customer a noble, secret and grand image. On the other hand, there is a spokesman who is Jacky Chan around the package. As well as the name ‘BAWANG' can give clients a powerful and royal picture.

For the item classifications, we believe it is a specialty product. This means the unique or branded customer products that buyer willing to make a unique purchase effort. It is a particular product since it is especially for males. Nowadays, lots of men are battling the hair land problem. Even the price is more pricey when comparing with others, still BaWang offers its industry shares.

2 . Price

Cost is the amount of all the beliefs that buyer exchange pertaining to the benefits of having or making use of the product or service. XXXXXX

- Cost around HKD139. 9 to HKD159. being unfaithful

Marketing Goal: Product Top quality Leadership

Bawang's objective is being the product quality leadership, firstly, this product's package can be professional, based on the product is definitely combining to product, such as hair moisturizing hair product. Besides, BaWang uses a large number of resources to develop the product involve some of the Chinese language herbal ingredients. Due to the large and providing a professional item, BaWang's selling price would be above the others.

Pricing Strategies:

BaWang use three or more pricing strategies, they are:

Advertising pricing: Even though the price is more than other normal products, at times the personal care store presents a special low cost to the buyers.

Psychological costs: From the photo above, the cost is set by HKD139. being unfaithful, to attract more customers, let them feel the price is more reasonable.

Product bundling: At times Bawang is going to combing several products and supplying the bundle at a lower price, so on some sample product combing into this system.

3. Place

A set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or perhaps service readily available for use or consumption by consumer.

I will talk about

Distribution channel

Kind of Channel agreements



Types of intermediaries

First of all, BaWang can be distributed by Manning's, Watson's. This used regular channel, the model shows the relationship amongst manufacturer, wholesaler and dealer. Manufacturer creates the products, then simply assign these product to wholesaler. Finally, consumer can buy the merchandise from store. On the other hand, almost BaWang's insurance included Chinese suppliers. It doesn't establish subsidiary offshore.

Assortment of BaWang positioned the shampoo to get...

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