Real This town

 Real This town Essay

Speech Format


Subject: Speech regarding Real This town football club.

General Purpose: To Inform about Real This town football club.

Specific Purpose: To show my audience of 3 aspects of Real Madrid football club.

Central Thought: Real Madrid has wonderful background of history, honours, players and supervision Team.


Attention: Do you know why they will call it the royal team?

Reveal topic: Today Let me tell you info on one of the most famous, richest and oldest athletics club in the world it is Real Madrid football team.

Credibility: My spouse and i am supporting this crew for 9 years at this point. That can demonstrate how much I realize football and Real This town very well.

Critique: At the end of my conversation, you will inform three reasons for Real This town club. To be specific, you can get the knowledge about history of Real Madrid, Real Madrid's honours, players and managing Team of Real Madrid.


Changeover: let's start with first factor is it great Real Madrid.

I. Genuine Madrid has a long great achievements.

a) Madrid City realized football via professors and students of the status of " Free Education Foundation", those professors and learners made team in 1897 and named it " Sky staff football". b) Real This town was founded formally in 1902, three years later on in 1905 Real This town won it is first glass of The spanish language Cup. c) The team relocated to its initial Stadium " O'Donnell” in 1912, a brand new stadium was built in1947. This was the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium as it is known today. d) In 1920, the team continues to be modified by King of Spain Alfonso to become True Madrid. e) Real This town was picked the team of the 20th 100 years by TIMORE in 2000.

Transition: Given that I have knowledgeable you about history of Genuine Madrid, it is time to speech about Real This town honours.

II. Real Madrid the most successful team in the world where this won 82 Championship in locally and globally. f) Real...

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