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The Built & Individual Environment Review, Volume 3, Special Concern 1, 2010

Evaluating Exploration Methodology in Construction

Efficiency Studies

Panas, A. and Pantouvakis, L. P.

[email protected] ntua. grms and [email protected] ntua. gr

Centre intended for Construction Advancement, Department of Construction Anatomist and Supervision, Faculty of Civil Executive, National Technological University of Athens, Portugal


Despite the large number of published papers in the area of construction production, a critical report on contemporary considering with a discussion of the significance to current researchers can be rarely tried. As such, this kind of paper investigates the subject relying on published documents in main peer-reviewed publications during the last 10 years. Eighty-nine documents published in both building journals and broader administration science magazines have been analysed. Three wide-ranging classifications were used for summarizing the strategies adopted inside the papers: Qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method research approaches. The study taxonomy further more identified three major areas based on every single study's analysis focus: Archival studies, scientific research and simulation proposals. In terms of the methodological framework followed, three main types have been recognised: Experimental frameworks, data collection techniques and modelling plans. A methodological framework can be developed after the evaluation's results and its particular implementation with an actual research study is illustrated. The main summary is that the number of the research methodology in released journal paperwork has been a great intuitive decision, mainly relating upon the researcher's ontological and epistemological stance. Yet , general recommendations on the choice of the most appropriate strategy in relation to the study aims and objectives are often proposed.

Keywords: Construction, Technique, Productivity, Exploration


The investigation methodology includes the rationale plus the philosophical presumptions that underlie a particular research (Dainty, 2008). The choice of study strategy considerably influences the specification of the research strategies that are implemented for examining a problem and determines the study design, particularly the framework for collecting, analysing and interpreting data (ibid. ). The establishment of the most appropriate methodology for construction research is a current subject matter of concern. This is certainly corroborated by special concern of the Journal of Development Engineering and Management (Volume 1, Issue 1) about research methodologies for Structure which simply appeared at the beginning of 2010. My old somewhat put approach to the niche can be traced back in the mid to past due 1990's using a series of papers appearing in Construction Administration and Economics (Volumes 13-16). The review of all those and some other supplementary options (from relevant papers which did not come in the above mentioned journals and periods) has led to a number of questions associated with construction managing research methodological issues: Precisely what are the most suitable


The Developed & Human being Environment Assessment, Volume a few, Special Concern 1, 2010

criteria for selecting the research method? How can the rigour and robustness of a research efforts be examined? What are the present trends?

The above and related questions include formed the motivation pertaining to the research described in this newspaper. More specifically, the objective of this paper is to present answers to the above inquiries, with a particular focus on analysis related to development productivity (CP). The discipline of CP is an expedient study area because the complex and flexible nature of the subject has led to the rendering of multiple method strategies. As such, this study is exploring the different views for measuring or calculating construction production. The main purpose is to capitalise on the craze towards methodological rigour and comprehensiveness simply by...

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