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MARCH 23rd

a) What is the comic remove


The comic is approximately a traveler

entering an eastern region. As

he walks to his lodge, native

speakers smile in him and

produce the same utterance,


When he finally arrives there,

and listens to the clerk repeating

the same phrase in a

different context (the

clerk seems to be angry and in

pain), the tourist is taken again

because he realizes that this individual has

obviously misunderstood the

natives' meaning.

(Group one particular summary)

b) What is the bond

between the account, negotiation

of meanings and communicative skills?

The comedian strip shows a framework that gives two different cultural contexts together. One context, eastern civilization, is exemplified by the native audio system (NS). The other, western civilization, is exemplified by the tourist: a muted non-native audio (NNS) getting together with native speakers (NS) within a nonverbal method. In the initial part of the story, the foreigner decodes meaning according to his american background. He equates natives' smile and utterance to western respect (greeting).

Being presented like a silent persona, the foreigner does not make an effort to negotiate meaning: to use discourse features just like confirmation inspections, comprehension checks, or clarification requests. Thus, he misunderstands the rules of ‘language' (communicative competence), politeness (socio-cultural competence) and body language. Inside the final picture, he becomes aware of his misunderstanding. He confronts the comprehensible type crystallized in the context built from the native's angry manifestation, native's utterance, crack in the wall, hammer and picture on to the floor.

(Martin, Helen, Veronica)

c) Recognizing the value of settlement of symbolism in SLA, does it often help in a great EFL context? Why? Perhaps you should? Remember you will find, at least, two points of views on this kind of respect...

Bibliography: 2 . Connection Competence Point of view. (2000).

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