Example of Topic Outline with Essay

Peer Pressure

Thesis Sentence in your essay: Dealing with peer pressure in adolescent years has negative and results to a teenager's life.

I. Positive Effects of Peer Pressure

A. Affect attitude in school's actions

1 . Better performance

2 . Work hard for good grades

3. Time management

B. Enhance your sociable aspects

1 ) Having a lot of friends

installment payments on your Develop people through sharing with friends

a few. Knowing the importance of friendships

II. Negative Effects of Peer Pressure

A. Lose their affinity for school

1 ) Adopt unfavorable behavior

installment payments on your Stop participating in class

a few. Not getting started with in school's activities

N. Give up exclusive pleasures and hobbies

1 . Drop particular pastimes

installment payments on your Ridicule others

3. Lose interest in hobbies and interests

C. Stop the love ones

1 . Outdated friends

2 . Potential boyfriends and girlfriends

3. People

Peer Pressure

We tend to receive influenced by the lifestyle of your peers. Their very own thinking, their very own choices and the behavior impacts us. We feel forced to follow them. That's expert pressure. It can be beneficial to a specific extent. Nevertheless negative effects are more apparent. Peer pressure may be of two styles, negative and positive. The section of world which is many vulnerable to the consequence of peer pressure is of teenagers. One of the results of peer pressure is the influence in one's college status. Expert can impact you to better your performance in school's activities like extra curricular. They can likewise push you to work hard, always do the assignments, and improve your assignments for you to possess higher grades. Your time may also be manage is to do everything at the same time. Positive expert pressure can also help you to enhance your social aspects. You will have a wide range of friends and get acquainted with a variety of personalities, behavior and human relationships. Friends can at times make them give an altogether new perspective and attitude toward life, through sharing of...

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