The Solubility Contour of Potassium Nitrate Experiment Report


The purpose right here to determine the influences of temperature on potassium nitrate's solubility in water.

Components Used in the Experiment:

Latex gloves

Laboratory coat

Safety safety glasses


Mix rod

Test pipes


Evaluating dish

Hot platter

Potassium nitrate

Distilled normal water

Information of the Subject of the Try things out

Potassium Nitrate:

The chemical substance compound potassium nitrate is known as a naturally occurring mineral source of nitrogen. It is a nitrate with substance formula KNO3.

It is common brands include saltpetre (from Middle ages Latin desenfado petrae: " stone salt" or possibly " Salt of Petra" ), American English salt philip, Nitrate of potash and nitre. The name salt peter is additionally applied to sodium nitrate.


Potassium nitrate is the oxidizing (oxygen-supplying) element of black natural powder. Prior to the large-scale industrial hinsicht of nitrogen through the Acudir process, a major source of Potassium nitrate was the deposits crystallising from give walls or the drainings of decomposing organic and natural material. Dung-heaps were an especially common supply: ammonia in the decomposition of urea and also other nitrogenous elements would go through bacterial oxidation to produce nitrate. It was and is also also employed as a component in some manures. When employed by itself as being a fertilizer, it has an NPK rating of 13-0-44 (indicating 13%, 0%, and 44% of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, by mass, respectively).


Traditionally, nitre-beds had been prepared by mixing up manure with either mortar or wooden ashes, prevalent earth and organic components such as hay to give porosity to a melange pile commonly 1 . 5 metres high by 2 metres extensive by five metres lengthy. The pile was usually under a cover from the rainfall, kept wet with urine, turned often to accelerate the decomposition and leached with water after approximately twelve months. The the liquid containing numerous nitrates was then modified with solid wood ashes to potassium nitrates, crystallized and refined for use in gunpowder. Today, most potassium nitrate comes from the huge deposits of sodium nitrate (NaNO3, nitratine) in the Chilean deserts. The sodium nitrate is purified and then reacted in solution with potassium chloride (KCl, sylvite), from which the less-soluble potassium nitrate is precipitated out.

In England, the privilege of manufacturing explosives had been in the hands of the category of John Evelyn, the famous diarist, as being a crown monopoly since ahead of 1588.


One of the most useful applications of potassium nitrate is in the production of nitric acid, by adding focused sulfuric acid to an aqueous solution of potassium nitrate, yielding nitric acid and potassium sulfate which are segregated through fragmentary; sectional distillation.

Potassium nitrate is also applied as a fertilizer, in model rocket propellant, and in a number of fireworks such as smoke bombs, in which a blend with glucose produces a smoke cigars cloud of 600 times their own quantity. The percentage for smoke bombs applying sucrose (powdered sugar) and potassium nitrate is 40(C12H22O11): 60(KNO3). You can use it as is, or carefully dissolved together utilizing a hot plate.

Along the way of foodstuff preservation, potassium nitrate is a common ingredient of salted beef, but center patients require care with it. Being a preservative it might be known as E249.

Potassium Nitrate is likewise a main aspect in stump remover; this accelerates the natural decomposition of the stump. Stump removal is usually about 98% genuine KNO3, and is a common way to obtain KNO3.

It has also been used in the manufacture of ice cream and can be found in some toothpastes for hypersensitive teeth. Lately, the use of potassium nitrate in toothpastes for sensitive the teeth has increased drastically, despite the fact that it includes not recently been conclusively shown to help teeth hypersensitivity.

A popular belief is that potassium nitrate is an anaphrodisiac and was added to meals in...

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