The Tourism Sector in Malaysia


Malaysia is definitely one of the world's best kept travel secrets. It is an ideal travel destination in so many different areas as it offers a wide range of various attraction to match all likes and most notably, at comparatively affordable prices.

Figure you: Map of Malaysia

Lying only north with the equator, Malaysia is located on the south of Cambodia and Vietnam and north of Singapore and Indonesia. Several thousand island destinations are element of Malaysia which includes 38 designated as underwater parks. Elements of the primeval rainforest are usually more than 100 million years of age with a amazing selection of birds and animals.

Malaysia has excellent golden beaches, lush vegetation, mountains and fabulous buying allied for some magnificent accommodations. This has made the country the fastest growing destination in South East Asia. The mix of the old and the ultra-modern make Malaysia a fascinating spot to visit, even though the low cost of living and large visitor decision makes it an excellent holiday site.

Malaysia provides a tropical weather throughout the year, taking pleasure in warm times and gentle evenings in most seasons. English is extensively spoken in Malaysia, although the national language is Malay. In addition , the nation also offers an intriguing cultural enhance colorful conventions, unique arts and crafts, architecture, meals and a rich assortment of dance varieties.

Malaysia is ultimately placed to take advantage of its increased interest in the tourism market, especially ecotourism segment, since it possesses lots of natural property and underwater habitats, magnificent wildlife, various indigenous ethnic groups and cultures, and a abundant history. The earth Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) stated that the fact that future potential customers for Travelling & Travel and leisure industry of Malaysia are excellent. There is a wide-spread recognition of its contribution to the countrywide economy, plus the Malaysian Govt at its greatest level can be fully devoted to the long-term development of the industry.


The objective of this assignment is to examine the impacts that tourism could bring to the nation of Malaysia. These effects are grouped into cost effective impacts, environmental impacts, personal impacts, and also socio-cultural impacts. Malaysia is usually chosen as being a research target because Malaysia's tourism is in a developing stage and it would be essential to figure out what impacts come from travel that the nation has to handle. Lastly, many recommendations regarding the future of Malaysia are offered.


Travel and leisure was almost unknown in Malaysia before the late-1960s. Ever since then it has developed into a major sector of the economy. In 80, Malaysia fascinated a fairly simple 2 . several million worldwide tourist arrivals. Ten years after, the total acquired more than tripled and the nation appeared to be strongly established for the world travel map.

Tourism industry of Malaysia is one of the most important sectors causing the economy and it is the second largest foreign exchange one earning the money after the making industry. The considers travel as a era of forex trading, increasing employment, fostering regional/ rural advancement and diversifying the country's economic bottom.

Travel around & Tourism is seen by the government among the keys to promoting a larger understanding of the various cultures and lifestyles of Malaysia's multi-ethnic population.

Employment Technology

The speedy expansion of international travel has led to significant employment creation. The job categories of the Travel and Tourism Economic system of Malaysia include: -Travel companies employment;

-Government firms employment; and

-Supplier companies career

The initially category (Travel companies employment) represents Travel and Tourism Industry careers, while all categories signify Travel and Tourism Economic system jobs.

Determine 2: Malaysia Travel & Tourism Career

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