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1 Table of Contents 1 ) Company Account ___________________________________________________________ a couple of 1 . 1 Company Products __________________________________________________________2 1 ) 2 Key Customers ____________________________________________________________2 1 . several Operational Challenges ______________________________________________________2 1 . 4 Industry Challenges __________________________________________________________2 2 . Principles and Applications of TQM ____________________________________________3 3. Ritz Carlton and TQM ______________________________________________________5 3. 1 Benefits of TQM at Ritz Carlton _______________________________________________6 3. 2 Five areas for expansion ___________________________________________________7 some. Conclusion ________________________________________________________________9 5. Advice _________________________________________________________10 6. References ________________________________________________________________11


1 ) Company Account

The Ritz Carlton Motel Company can be described as management organization which works hotels and resorts in twenty three countries worldwide and seventy properties in all the main cities. The brand name is a part of Marriot International while using headquarters found in Chevy Pursuit, Maryland. Set up in the early 1990's; the corporation employs a lot more than 32, 1000 people and privately possessed, the company today runs within the guidance of William Manley and Dummkopf Schulze. With 100 years of impressive earlier record, Ritz Carlton offers managed to maintain and rather magnify the prestigious the brand image of luxury and comfort (Stark, 1998).

1 ) 1 Organization Products The Ritz Carlton excels in providing magnificent hotels and resorts while using added highlights of spas, bars, suites, guest rooms, precious metal facilities, convention halls pertaining to executive meetings and so on. Any kind of celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or showers, the Ritz Carlton takes pride in creating a remarkable occasion. 1 . 2 Main Customers The target market may be the upper plus the upper midsection class vacationing for executive business trips or wedding party receptions and other such capabilities. They highlight on being aware of what the customer needs and pampering the customer for making him feel very special. It is reputed for its exemplary customer services by taking the initiative to inquire about guest demands and choices and ensuring that the customer would not have to do it again his requirements the next time. Employees is especially qualified and they experience retraining orientation to ensure that the employees uphold the prestigious identity of the business and function to go over and above customer anticipations (Leonard & McAdam, 2002). 1 . three or more Operational Issues Sophisticated clients are perhaps the most important challenges to Ritz Carlton's operations. Posing to be very difficult, this genre of shoppers are satisfied after a lot of pains however , Ritz Carlton cannot ignore them because they often participate in the top notch class. Different challenges consist of maintain a demand forecast and price changes according to the forecasts. No director would like to see empty areas but disappointed customers can also be not really wanted. Striking a balance between the demand and supply is a serious problem. 1 . some Market Difficulties The resort industry generally speaking today is facing issues in the form of a sluggish economic climate which has been irritated by the economical crunch the earth is facing currently. Apart from this, the rising competition by rapid breakthrough of magnificent 5-star and above accommodations and places all over the world as well as the increasingly requiring and superior customers will be posing serious challenges for this industry (Sher-q, 2009).


2 . Principles and Applications of TQM

Total quality managing is a qualifying criterion for...

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