Thrush Growth

 Essay about Yeast Development

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What liquid makes yeast develop faster?


As moist, sugars – rich liquids grow yeast quicker, I think the sugar water would work the very best. I also believe the " lemon " juice with sugar would work as well.


* Citrus juice

5. Sugar

* Water

2. Vinegar and Baking Soda pop

* Peach Juice

5. 2 Petri dishes

* Measuring Spoon

* Kitchen apron

* Thrush

* Magnifying Glass

* Tweezers



Step 1 : Place all materials on desk.

2: Wash hands and put about apron.

Step 3: Open the Petri meals (now having 4) and place 20mg of yeast in each one particular. Step 4: Put 20mL of water and 20mg of sugar into the and stir. Step 5: Dump on top of the yeast and observe with magnifying glass. Step six: Rinse the and pour 20mL of vinegar and preparing soda into it. Step 7: Replicate Step 5.

Stage 8: Rinse your and put 20mL of peach juice into it.

Stage 9: Do it again Step 7.

Step 10: Rinse the and serve 20mL of lemon drink and 20mg of sugars into it. Step 11: Duplicate Step on the lookout for.

Step 12: Rinse the.

Step 13: Take notice of the 4 Petri Dishes while using magnifying glass again and note which water made the yeast expand faster. Stage 14: Brush your Petri dishes and other materials.

Data and Observation:

Whenever we poured the peach juice, it just produced the thrush clump jointly. I don't believe it worked that very well. When we added the white vinegar and baking soda, it fizzed a bit but the fungus didn't increase that much. The 2 best kinds were the lemon juice with sugar and the sugar water. The yeast grew really quickly and so would the sugar water. Bottom line:

My prediction was right. The sugar water and the lemon jucie with sugars were the very best liquids all of us tried to associated with yeast expand.

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